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Expression profiles of acyl-lipid metabolism genes in high- and low-oil soybean seeds.

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posted on 09.05.2016, 06:00 by Li Zhang, Shi-Bo Wang, Qi-Gang Li, Jian Song, Yu-Qi Hao, Ling Zhou, Huan-Quan Zheng, Jim M. Dunwell, Yuan-Ming Zhang

A: Hierarchical clusters of the soybean seed samples using expression levels of 1,123 genes in acyl-lipid metabolism. 15DAF (15 days after flowering), 25DAF, 35DAF and 55DAF are four stages of seed development. B: Expression patterns of 28 differentially expressed genes in core lipid synthesis pathways. Seven seed-specific TFs are also shown. HD5 (high-oil content in seed, 22.3%), ZYD4364 (low-oil content in seed, 11.9%) and Y117249 (low-oil content in seed, 12.5%) indicate the sample codes.