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Expression pattern of iNOS enzyme protein.

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posted on 2016-03-07, 01:19 authored by Mahua G. Choudhury, Nirmalendu Saha

Western blot analysis showing the pattern of expression of iNOS protein in different tissues of control and LPS-treated H. fossilis. (A) Representative picture of five individual experiments is shown. (B) Densitometric analysis showing the fold increase of iNOS protein concentration in 24 h LPS- treated fish compared 12 h LPS-treated fish. Values are plotted as mean ± S.E.M. (n = 5). a,b,c: P values significant at <0.05, <0.01 and <0.001 levels, respectively, compared to 12 h LPS-treated fish (Tukey’s post hoc test).