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Expression of eGFP in ALDH1L1-eGFP mouse DRGs.

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posted on 11.09.2020, 17:42 by Yasmine Rabah, Bruna Rubino, Elsie Moukarzel, Cendra Agulhon

A, B, Representative images of immunohistochemistry in DRGs from ALDH1L1-eGFP mice showing eGFP-expressing cells (A & B left, green), GLAST-expressing SGCs (A middle, red, arrowheads), and NeuN-expressing neurons (B middle, red, asterisks). A & B right show superimposed pictures. In A & B, bottom panel images correspond to enlargements of boxed areas in top panel pictures. In A bottom row, boxed area has been rotated by about 45° clockwise. For each row, scale bar in left picture applies to middle and right corresponding pictures.