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Figure S1 - Expression at the Imprinted Dlk1-Gtl2 Locus Is Regulated by Proneural Genes in the Developing Telencephalon

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posted on 2012-11-06, 02:08 authored by Julie Seibt, Olivier Armant, Anne Le Digarcher, Diogo Castro, Vidya Ramesh, Laurent Journot, François Guillemot, Pierre Vanderhaeghen, Tristan Bouschet

Expression of Gtl2 RNA (ISH) at E17.5 in Ngn2 WT and Ngn2 KO mice. (A-E) Co-labeling with Tbr1 protein (immunohistochemistry) was used to show specific localization of Gtl2 positive neurons in the dorsal telencephalon (VZ = ventricular zone, IZ = intermediate zone, CP = cortical plate). Cells that show ectopic expression of Gtl2 mRNA in Ngn2 KO mice are localized in the IZ (red arrows in B and D). Scale bars: 150 µm.