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Expression and localization of MYO5B in cell lines.

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posted on 2020-06-08, 17:34 authored by Tajana Tešan Tomić, Josefin Olausson, Anna Rehammar, Lily Deland, Andreas Muth, Katarina Ejeskär, Staffan Nilsson, Erik Kristiansson, Ola Nilsson Wassén, Frida Abel

Western blot in SK-N-AS cells (A) showing MYO5B expression in whole cell protein lysate and FLAG M2-antibody coupled lysate (n = 1, top panel). Western Blot using FLAG M2 antibody in HEK293 (n = 1, bottom panel). GAPDH used as loading control. Localization of Myc-DKK (B) in HEK293 (63X, LSM700) in pCMV6-MYO5B_L587P-Myc-DDK (p.L587P), pCMV6-MYO5B_G1611S-Myc-DDK (p.G1611S), and pCMV6-MYO5B_R1646C-Myc-DDK (p.R1641C). Myc-DKK is depicted in red and DAPI staining of nuclei in blue. Scale bar shown is 10μm.