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Experimental method.

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posted on 2020-12-03, 18:51 authored by Howard Muchen Hsu, Zai-Fu Yao, Kai Hwang, Shulan Hsieh

(a) Nodes in the atlas: nodes used from Schaefer and Kong [36] atlas. (b) Indexes extraction: indexes calculation for each node, including within-module-degree (WMD) and participation coefficient (PC). WMD represents the degree of a node’s connectome level within a module, while the PC represents the degree of a node’s connectome level between other networks. (c) Multiple linear regression: we set PCs/WMDs of each network as a pattern and used multiple linear regression to find the relationship between the linear combination of network property pattern and the SSRT. (d) Result assessment: all the prediction models were tested by Pearson’s correlation between predicted stop-signal reaction time (SSRT) and the actual SSRT.