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Experimental design.

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posted on 25.01.2021, 18:48 authored by Sébastien Boyer, Lucas Hérissant, Gavin Sherlock

Each experiment with a fluctuating environment was constructed using blocks of 8 generations in Fluconazole and 24 generations in Gly/Eth. At the end of 192 generations, the total time spent in Fluconazole is 48 generations and 144 generation in Gly/Eth, for switch_adap1, switch_adap2, periodic_smaller1, periodic_smaller2 and random_smaller2 experiments. By contrast, in random_adap1 and random_smaller1 the total time spent in Fluconazole is 24 generations, with 168 generations in Gly/Eth. Two additional experiments, which did not switch between environments, were also carried out. Clones isolated from each experiment were pooled, and then had their fitness remeasured under 5 different conditions (right).