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Experiment design.

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posted on 02.07.2020, 17:47 by Brian S. Wolff, Sumiyya A. Raheem, Sarah A. Alshawi, Jeniece M. Regan, Li Rebekah Feng, Leorey N. Saligan

(A) Arena tests (n = 76 mice). Day -5: Baseline VWRA for 5 days. Day 0: Mice were irradiated for 3 days while housed in cages without running wheels. Day 3: Post-irradiation VWRA for 3 days. Day 6: arena test (open field or Y-maze, not both). (B) Reversal learning (n = 24 mice). Days -5 through -3: Mice acclimated to the cage without a cognition wall for three days. Day -2: A cognition wall was inserted for training, where left hole nose pokes were paired with food. Day 0: The cognition wall was removed for three days of irradiation. Day 3: The cognition wall was reinserted into the cage for further training. Day 5: Reversal learning, where right hole nose pokes were paired with food.