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Experiment 1 behaviour and hematoma volume.

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posted on 2021-06-03, 17:27 authored by Tiffany F. C. Kung, Cassandra M. Wilkinson, Christine A. Dirks, Glen C. Jickling, Frederick Colbourne

ICH significantly worsened NDS (A, p<0.0001) and forelimb placing (B, p<0.0001) scores for all animals. No benefits of glibenclamide were found in NDS (p = 0.4091), forelimb placing for any paw (p≥0.1190), or hematoma volume (ipsilateral—contralateral hemisphere; C, p = 0.8333). For forelimb placing, a dashed line was set at 0, which indicates no change from baseline. Collagenase caused a significant bleed amounting to 96.2 μL and 91.7 μL in the ipsilateral striatum (not adjusted to contralateral hemisphere) of VEH and GLC animals, respectively.