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Expanding the watch list for potential Ebola virus antibody escape mutations - Fig 3

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posted on 21.03.2019, 17:28 authored by Jagdish Suresh Patel, Caleb J. Quates, Erin L. Johnson, F. Marty Ytreberg

(A) Structure of EBOV GP MLD peptide bound to the 13F6-1-2 antibody. GP MLD peptide is in gray tube representation, and the heavy and the light chains of 13F6-1-2 are black. Mutations in the GP MLD peptide with ΔΔGBind > 2 kcal/mol (i.e., above black dashed line) are considered disruptive and are highlighted using green stick representation. (B) ΔΔGBind values (gray circles) for all 19 possible mutations at each of the 11 sites of GP MLD peptide (404–414). Different colors and counts in the legend indicate locations and number of mutations with ΔΔGBind >2 kcal/mol on the GP complex.