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Examples of the legal reserve rules for properties deforested before and after July 2008.

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posted on 05.04.2017, 18:01 by Brenda Brito

This example applies for medium and larger properties, since small properties (up to 64 hectares in average in Pará State) do not need to restore or compensate legal reserve deforested as of 2008. Property A and C have a pre-2008 legal reserve debt, but only property A is located in a region where the legal reserve can be reduced to 50% for regularization purposes. The landowner of property A needs to regularize 50% of the property with compensation or restoration to reach a 80% legal reserve, while property C needs a 20% regularization to reach a 50% legal reserve. Properties B and D have a post-2008 legal reserve debt, but in both cases their landowners can only restore the deforested area.