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Examples of Gag-H immunohistochemistry in two representative clinical MSI cases.

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posted on 2016-04-27, 13:57 authored by Christina S. Mullins, Maja Hühns, Mathias Krohn, Sven Peters, Valérie Cheynet, Guy Oriol, Michèle Guillotte, Sandrine Ducrot, François Mallet, Michael Linnebacher

The upper row represents the tumor and the bottom row the normal tissue of the cases. Both cases: No. 8 (A-F) and No. 11 (G-L) showed strong cytoplasmic immunostaining of Gag-H in tumor and in normal tissue (B, E, H, K by x20 objective; C, F, I, L by x40 objective). Negative immunostaining was achieved with the control antibody 3D8C6E7 (A, D, G, and J by x20 objective).