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Example of Krona visualization of blast output for sample 38886230_A.

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posted on 2020-10-08, 17:29 authored by Bart T. L. H. van de Vossenberg, Michael Visser, Maaike Bruinsma, Harrie M. S. Koenraadt, Marcel Westenberg, Marleen Botermans

When using all data for the de novo assembly, and after blast-based filtering of plant contigs, 1266 contigs remained. The majority of these sequences (99%) did not produce a blast hit, but 3 viral blast hits were obtained (left panel). When selecting the viral hits, the blast-based identity is shown (right panel). In this example, one ToBRFV hit and two PepMV hits are obtained. The sequence producing the ToBRFV hit is obtained via a link, which is then further analyzed to determine the presence of the virus in the sample.