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Example PROMISE12 segmentations.

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posted on 25.06.2021, 17:29 by Karthik V. Sarma, Alex G. Raman, Nikhil J. Dhinagar, Alan M. Priester, Stephanie Harmon, Thomas Sanford, Sherif Mehralivand, Baris Turkbey, Leonard S. Marks, Steven S. Raman, William Speier, Corey W. Arnold

Orange contour depicts ground truth segmentation. Shaded blue area depicts model segmentation. The soft Dice coefficient and average Hausdorff distance metrics were 0.536 and 2.974 for the baseline model, 0.678 and 0.291 for the BraTS model, and 0.910 and 0.102 for the refined primary baseline model.