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Ex vivo CD8+ and CD4+ cellular reactivity to EBOV LFn fusion proteins, Lagos, Nigeria.

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posted on 2018-05-24, 17:30 authored by Bobby Brooke Herrera, Donald J. Hamel, Philip Oshun, Rolake Akinsola, Alani S. Akanmu, Charlotte A. Chang, Philomena Eromon, Onikepe Folarin, Kayode T. Adeyemi, Christian T. Happi, Yichen Lu, Folasade Ogunsola, Phyllis J. Kanki

CD8+ and CD4+ cells from the EVD survivors and documented EVD contacts were treated with the LFn-EBOV fusion proteins and the IFN-γ+ and TNF-α+ responses were detected by LFn ELISPOT ex vivo experiments. Individual and mean CD8+ IFN-γ+ (A) and TNF-α+ (B) and CD4+ IFN-γ+ (C) and TNF-α+ (D) responses are shown. Dotted lines represent the cut-off value. Control HCWs, control healthcare workers. *, p<0.05.