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Evisceration method (4 petal technique) in a dog.

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posted on 2020-11-20, 18:26 authored by So-Young Park, Jeong-Hee An, Hyun Kwon, Seo-Young Choi, Ka-Young Lim, Ho-Hyun Kwak, Kamal Hany Hussein, Heung-Myong Woo, Kyung-Mee Park

After performing 360° peritomy, sub-Tenon’s blunt dissection and excision of the corneal button were done (A). Ocular contents were scooped out (B) and then four scleral petals were created (C). After inserting the ocular implant (D), the sclera was sutured (E). Two layers of scleral suture were provided for additional cover of the implant. Tenon’s capsule and conjunctiva were sutured respectively (F). The conformer was worn over the conjunctiva (G). Temporal tarsorrhaphy was maintained for 2 weeks (H).