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Estimated effects of LTR use of NSAIDs, and that of age, on OS in WA and BA CC patients.

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posted on 2020-10-07, 17:24 authored by Minoru Koi, Yoshiki Okita, Koki Takeda, Erika S. Koeppe, Elena M. Stoffel, Joseph A. Galanko, Amber N. McCoy, Temitope Keku, John M. Carethers

A: Forest plot exhibiting the effect of LTR use of NSAIDs on OS in BA (HR:0.84, 95%CI:0.5–1.42) and WA (HR:1.7, 95%CI:1.15–2.51) CC patients. LTR use of NSAIDs had an opposite effect on BA, as opposed to WA CC patients. B: Forest plot exhibits the effect of age on OS in BA (HR:1.08, 95%CI:0.77–1.51) and WA (HR:2.29, 95%CI: 1.58–3.32) CC patients. Age had a more critical effect on OS of WA than of BA CC patients. Each horizontal bar indicates 95% CI; the left end point shows the lowest value and the right end point the highest value of the confidence interval. The middle diamond shape indicates the value for hazard ratio.