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Ephrin and Eph proteins in Drosophila and those predicted in G. bimaculatus are identical in domain type, number and organization.

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posted on 2018-07-11, 17:34 authored by Harrison P. Fisher, Micah G. Pascual, Sylvia I. Jimenez, David A. Michaelson, Colby T. Joncas, Eleanor D. Quenzer, Andrew E. Christie, Hadley W. Horch

The type, number, and order of protein domains was assessed by using Drosophila Ephrin Isoform C (AAN06500) and the putative G. bimaculatus Ephrin (TRINITY_DN159904_c0_g1_i6) as queries in a conserved domain search. In both proteins, an Ephrin domain was present (blue rectangle). Angled lines indicate incomplete G. bimaculatus sequence at the N-terminal end. B) The type, number, and order of protein domains in Drosophila Eph (AAN06503) and putative G. bimaculatus Eph (TRINITY_DN159184_c0_g1_i3) was determined. Both proteins showed identical number, order, and type of domain, which included an eph receptor ligand binding domain (green rectangle), two fibronectin type 3 domains (triangles), an ephrin type A receptor 2 transmembrane domain (red oval), an ephrin receptor protein tyrosine kinase domain (orange rectangle), and a SAM domain (blue square).