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Eosinophil influx in BALF and lung.

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posted on 2017-10-16, 17:40 authored by Ingrid Stroo, Jack Yang, Adam A. Anas, J. Daan de Boer, Gerard van Mierlo, Dorina Roem, Diana Wouters, Ruchira Engel, Joris J. T. H. Roelofs, Cornelis van ‘t Veer, Tom van der Poll, Sacha Zeerleder

(A) Total cell count in BALF of NaCl or HDM challenged vehicle (white bars) or C1-INH (black bars) treated mice. (B) Differential cell count in BALF showing eosinophil, neutrophil, macrophage, and lymphocyte numbers in NaCl challenged vehicle (dotted bars) and C1-INH treated (blocked bars) mice and in HDM challenged vehicle (white bars) and C1-INH treated (black bars) mice. (C) Influx of eosinophils in the lung was determined by digital analysis of Major Basic Protein (MBP) stained lung sections in C1-INH (black bars) and vehicle (white bars) treated mice following challenge with NaCl or HDM. Representative pictures of each group are shown, magnification 4x. Data are presented as mean ± SEM, n = 6 (NaCl) and n = 10 (HDM).