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Environmental pressure leads to highly correlated transcriptional response

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posted on 2011-12-31, 06:32 authored by Shay Stern, Tali Dror, Elad Stolovicki, Naama Brenner, Erez Braun

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Taken from "Genome-wide transcriptional plasticity underlies cellular adaptation to novel challenge"

Molecular Systems Biology 2007;3():106-106.

Published online 24 Apr 2007


Copyright © 2007, EMBO and Nature Publishing Group

() Color-coded figure of transcriptional response for the eight time points in the two experiments, with no (top) and with 40 mM (bottom). The genes were ordered in each experiment according to the clusters presented in . The significant increase in coherency of the response with the increase of environmental pressure by is apparent in the image. Expression profiles of genes belonging to glycolysis (), histidine () and purine () pathways. Note the emergence of highly correlated patterns of transcription owing to the environmental pressure in the lower panel. A given functional module simultaneously contains correlated and anti-correlated trajectories.


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