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Endocytosis and transcytosis of nanocarriers with high or low levels of dsDNA cargo.

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posted on 17.09.2020, 17:30 by Nayab Fatima, Radka Gromnicova, Jane Loughlin, Basil Sharrack, David Male

Nanoparticles with high or low levels of 40nt dsDNA located in cytosol, vesicles and nucleus of hCMEC/D3 cells and beneath the basal membrane (undercell). Three experiments were performed, each individual experiment having three technical repeats. Tukey's multiple comparisons test showed significant difference for NP-DNA-40Lo in cytosol, vesicles and “undercell” compared to NP-Gal (**** P<0.0001: *** P<0.001; ** P<0.01, * P<0.05).