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Empirical distributions of the predicted probability of epidemics (based on cross-validation) returned by the 39 logistic regression models for observations 251 to 275.

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posted on 15.03.2021, 18:52 authored by Denis A. Shah, Erick D. De Wolf, Pierce A. Paul, Laurence V. Madden

Epi, observation was an epidemic; Nonepi, observation was a non-epidemic. There is a separate panel for each observation. Cultivar resistance levels to Fusarium head blight were VS, very susceptible; S, susceptible; MS, moderately susceptible; MR, moderately resistant. The chosen observations were an arbitrary sample of 25 from the 999 to demonstrate the diversity of distributional results for epidemic predictions. The vertical dashed line in each panel represents the proportion of observations that were FHB epidemics in the data (0.27).