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Emodepside causes inhibition of motility of whole adult Brugia malayi that is concentration-, time-, and sex-dependent.

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posted on 2019-09-25, 17:40 authored by Sudhanva S. Kashyap, Saurabh Verma, Denis Voronin, Sara Lustigman, Daniel Kulke, Alan P. Robertson, Richard J. Martin

A: Representative micrograph of an untreated adult female B. malayi. The worm is characteristically coiled and was showing continuous vigorous vibrating movements. B: (female symbol) Concentration- and time-dependent emodepside inhibition of motility on adult B. malayi females and C: (male symbol) males. Motility plotted at 60 minutes for both females and males (D: female symbol: IC50 (female), 801 ± 126nM (SEM)) and males (E: male symbol: IC50 (male), 176 ± 33 nM (SEM)). Each treatment group was normalized to the motility at time 0. N = 12, over two biological replicate experiments. The female IC50 was significantly higher than the male (p<0.001; 2-way ANOVA). The male is more sensitive to emodepside than the female.