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Effects of RNAi knockdown of the Eiger receptor, Wengen.

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posted on 31.10.2018, 17:40 authored by William M. Vanderheyden, Alan G. Goodman, Rebecca H. Taylor, Marcos G. Frank, Hans P. A. Van Dongen, Jason R. Gerstner

(A-D) Baseline sleep and the homeostatic response to sleep loss were measured in flies where UAS-Wengen RNAi was expressed in neurons (A,B) or astrocytes (C,D). Baseline total sleep duration for flies expressing neuronal UAS-Wengen RNAi (grey bar) (A, F(2,373) = 1.77, p = 0.17) or astrocyte UAS-Wengen RNAi (C, F(2,85) = 1.87, p = 0.16) was not significantly changed compared to parental controls (white and black bars). (B) The homeostatic response was reduced for flies expressing neuronal UAS-Wengen RNAi, (F(2,88) = 5.95, p = 0.0038). (D) The homeostatic response was unchanged when UAS-Wengen RNAi was expressed in astrocytes (D, F(2,130) = 0.599, p = 0.55) compared to parental controls. (E) Baseline sleep profile for UAS-Wengen RNAi/Elav-Gal4 expressing flies injected with either PBS (n = 58), or 1000nM TNFα (n = 61). (F-G) Total day sleep duration (F, t(117) = 0.76, p = 0.45) and night sleep duration (G, (t(117) = 0.0241, p = 0.98) were unchanged by TNFα injections.