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Effects of PHTPP on the suppression by raloxifene or bazedoxifene of the TGF-α-induced migration of HuH7 cells.

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posted on 2022-01-10, 18:24 authored by Rie Matsushima-Nishiwaki, Noriko Yamada, Yuria Hattori, Yui Hosokawa, Junko Tachi, Takamitsu Hori, Osamu Kozawa

The cells were exposed with 3 μM of PHTPP or vehicle for 60 min, and then pretreated with 5 μM of raloxifene (A), 5 μM of bazedoxifene (B) or vehicle for another 60 min. After the pretreatment, the cells were stimulated by 3 ng/ml of TGF-α or vehicle for 23 h. The migrated cells were stained with DAPI for the nuclei. The cells were photographed by fluorescent microscopy at a magnification of 20× (upper panel) and counted (bar graph). Each value represents the mean ± SD of triplicate determinations from three independent cell preparations. *p<0.05, compared to the value of the control cells without TGF-α stimulation (panel 1). **p<0.05, compared to the value of TGF-α stimulation alone (panel 2). ***p<0.05, compared to the value of TGF-α stimulation with the pretreatment of raloxifene or bazedoxifene (panel 4). N.S. designates no significant difference between the indicated pairs. Scale bar: 100 μm.