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Effects of GnRH vaccination in wild and captive African Elephant bulls (Loxodonta africana) on reproductive organs and semen quality - Fig 4

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posted on 15.09.2017, 20:04 by Imke Lueders, Debbie Young, Liana Maree, Gerhard van der Horst, Ilse Luther, Stephan Botha, Brendan Tindall, Geoffrey Fosgate, André Ganswindt, Henk J. Bertschinger

Ultrasonographic images of elephant bull testicles before and after GnRH vaccination: (A) untreated wild bull #10; (B) bull #2 after 2 GnRH vaccinations; (C) untreated bull #9, CD mode showing testicular vasculature; (D) bull #2 after 7 GnRH vaccinations: note loss in size, shape and ecogenicity compared to(B); (E) same bull #2 showing one large dilated blood vessel (→); (F) CD mode showing difference in vasculature compared to untreated bull (C) with one enlarged central vessel: (G) Amorphus shaped testicles of bull # 4 with inhomogenous texture regarded as degeneration of parenchyma, after 7 vaccinations; (H) bull #6 after 8 vaccinations showing signs inhomogenous texture regarded as fibrosis. Images A-F adjusted to same scale, images (G) and (H) are enlarged relatively to the other images (see scale bar); CD = Colour Doppler.