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Effect of weaning on intestinal lactate concentration and lactobacilli load of piglets.

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posted on 2016-04-07, 05:20 authored by Stefan Kahlert, Sami Junnikkala, Lydia Renner, Ulla Hynönen, Roland Hartig, Constanze Nossol, Anikó Barta-Böszörményi, Sven Dänicke, Wolfgang-Bernhard Souffrant, Airi Palva, Hermann-Josef Rothkötter, Jeannette Kluess

(A) Lactate concentration (B) Lactobacillus load and (C) pH in chyme of suckling and weaned piglets along the intestinal axis was measured. Statistical analysis was performed with the procedure “MIXED” (SAS, version 8) and comparison between pre- and postweaning using the t-test (p<0.01).