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Effect of various viruses on (A, B) IIPmax and (C, D) IIPatoxic toward (A, C) HIVNL4-3 and (B, D) mutant viruses.

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posted on 2016-03-01, 06:46 authored by Shuai Chang, Daomin Zhuang, Wei Guo, Lin Li, Wenfu Zhang, Siyang Liu, Hanping Li, Yongjian Liu, Zuoyi Bao, Jingwan Han, Hongbin Song, Jingyun Li

IIP was calculated using equation (1), with the concentrations used being peak plasma concentrations for IIPmax and the maximum nontoxic concentration for IIPatoxic. Fractional changes in IIP were calculated using equation (3). The drugs tested are grouped by class: NRTIs, NNRTI, and PIs. Within each class, different shapes indicate the various mutants.