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Effect of miR-16-5p and miR-30d-5p on cell growth and average cell diameter, respectively compared to scramble control.

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posted on 27.07.2017, 17:48 authored by Joshua S. Davis, Maoyun Sun, Alvin T. Kho, Kip G. Moore, Jody M. Sylvia, Scott T. Weiss, Quan Lu, Kelan G. Tantisira

HASM cells were transfected with 10 nM of either scramble control or miR-16-5p mimic (left panel; or miR-30d-5p in right panel). Seventy-two hours after transfection, cells were trypsinized and measured for both cell number and cell size by Moxi Z Cell Analyzer. Cell growth was presented as the percentage of cell number relative to the scramble control. Average cell size (um in diameter) was compared in mimic-transfected versus scramble-transfected HASM cells. Data were obtained from three independent experiments. For the miR-16 and miR-30d experiments, the p-value is 0.0009 and 0.03, respectively.