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Effect of maximum N limitation on photosynthetic response variables.

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posted on 17.10.2019 by Verena Seufert, Gustaf Granath, Christoph Müller

Estimated effects of experimental N limitation at maximum N limitation (i.e., zero nitrogen addition in the N limitation treatment) on photosynthetic response variables. Points show modelled estimates and whiskers represent 95% confidence interval. Sample sizes (number of studies, number of experiments) differ between variables: photosynthetic rate (50, 182), leaf area (21, 80), NL per unit area (23, 120), NL per unit mass (17, 95), chlorophyll content (32, 116), Rubisco content (13, 50), SLA (15, 68), leaf starch (8, 25), leaf sugars (12, 57). Leaf starch and leaf sugar includes measurements on both area and mass basis. Chlorophyll content represents mostly per unit area measurements but contains a small fraction of mass basis measurements (13%).