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Effect of iminosugar treatment on guinea pig weight.

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posted on 23.11.2016, 17:39 by Joanna L. Miller, Simon G. Spiro, Stuart D. Dowall, Irene Taylor, Antony Rule, Dominic S. Alonzi, Andrew C. Sayce, Edward Wright, Emma M. Bentley, Ruth Thom, Graham Hall, Raymond A. Dwek, Roger Hewson, Nicole Zitzmann

Female guinea pigs were treated via IV cannula TID with 1850 mg/kg/day NB-DNJ (n = 6), 120 mg/kg/day MON-DNJ (n = 4) or placebo (n = 4) for 16 days. Weight change as a percentage of body weight on day 0 (baseline) is shown for placebo (black circle), NB-DNJ (blue square, including euthanised animal) and MON-DNJ (orange triangle) treatment groups. Means for each group +/- standard deviation are plotted.