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Effect of ice slushy ingestion and cold water immersion on thermoregulatory behavior - Fig 1

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posted on 2019-02-27, 19:00 authored by Hui C. Choo, Jeremiah J. Peiffer, João P. Lopes-Silva, Ricardo N. O. Mesquita, Tatsuro Amano, Narihiko Kondo, Chris R. Abbiss

Tre (A), Tsk (B), and Tre-Tsk gradient (C) during 60 min of cycling at fixed intensity (study 1). CON, control; CWI, cold water immersion; ICE, ice slushy ingestion; * p<0.05 CWI versus CON; ** p<0.05 ICE versus CON; † p<0.05 CWI versus ICE. Data are mean ± SD for n = 11 for Tsk. Due to missing data at certain time points during the exercise, data for Tre and Tre-Tsk gradient are n = 10 during the first 10 min of exercise for all conditions and n = 8 or 9 thereafter (see S1 and S2 Tables for clarification).