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Effect of WAPO-A1 haplotypes H1 and H3 on SNS and WAPO-A1 transcript levels.

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posted on 2022-01-13, 18:46 authored by Saarah Kuzay, Huiqiong Lin, Chengxia Li, Shisheng Chen, Daniel P. Woods, Junli Zhang, Tianyu Lan, Maria von Korff, Jorge Dubcovsky

(A) 2020 RCBD-split plot field experiment. (B-D) 2021 RCBD split-plot field experiment. (B) Spikelet number per spike. (C) Grain number per spike. (D) Grain yield (kg/ha) (E-F) Independent qRT-PCR experiments comparing H1 and H3 transcript levels of WAPO-A1 relative to ACTIN using the 2ΔCt method. (E-F) Pools of 3–8 developing spikes from the main tiller. (E) Collected when lemma primordia were present (W3.25). (F) Collected when floret primordia were present (W3.5). Bars represent averages and error bars are s.e.m. Numbers inside the bars indicate the number of replications. ns = not significant, * = P < 0.05, ** = P < 0.01 and *** = P < 0.001. Data used for this figure are available in Data G in S1 Data, and the statistical analyses in S3 Table.