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Effect of a 500 μT static magnetic field on HEK293 gene expression.

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posted on 03.12.2020, 18:39 by Marootpong Pooam, Nathalie Jourdan, Mohamed El Esawi, Rachel M. Sherrard, Margaret Ahmad

The results are presented as the expression level of genes KIAA1211, RPS16P5 and TAS2R19 after exposure to 500 μT condition for 10 min (dark-grey bar) or 3h (light-grey bay) in comparison to the Control (black bar) or sham-exposed (white bar) condition. The ‘Control’ condition is the local geomagnetic field in the incubator. The ‘Sham’ condition uses a Helmholtz coil with current running in antiparallel directions to cancel the induced magnetic field (see Methods). Data are shown as mean ± SE of three independent experiments (N = 3). The asterisks indicate significance level of the differences: *p-value < 0.1; ** p-value < 0.01; *** p-value < 0.01.