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Effect of a 5-day treatment with morusin B (in mg/kg) on the activity of matrix metalloproteinases in TNBS-induced colitis, compared to the intact group, the untreated group (CTRL), and the group treated with sulfasalazine 50 mg/kg (SAS).

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posted on 10.08.2017 by Zora Vochyánová, Marie Pokorná, Dominik Rotrekl, Václav Smékal, Petr Fictum, Pavel Suchý, Jan Gajdziok, Karel Šmejkal, Jan Hošek

(A) MMP9 activity, (B) total MMP2 activity, (C) activity of the pro-form of MMP2, (D) activity of the mature form of MMP2, (E) pro-MMP2/MMP2 ratio. The activity of MMPs was detected by zymography, quantified by densitometry, and normalized to a standard control (1% FBS). A representative zymogram is shown (F). The results are expressed as the mean, with error bars representing SEM. CTRL vs. intact group: ## p < 0.01, ### p < 0.001, #### p < 0.0001; CTRL vs. treated groups: ** p < 0.01, *** p < 0.001, **** p < 0.0001.