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Effect of RvD2 on LTD4–pretreated human bronchi in response to pharmacologically-induced tone and 5-LOX/CysLTR1 expression.

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posted on 09.12.2016, 21:19 by Rayan Khaddaj-Mallat, Chantal Sirois, Marco Sirois, Edmond Rizcallah, Sofia Marouan, Caroline Morin, Éric Rousseau

a. Corresponding bar graph showing mean contractile amplitudes induced by 1 μM methacholine (MCh), 1 μM histamine or 30 nM U-46619, either under control (untreated) conditions or after 1 μM LTD4 pre-treatment in the absence or presence of 300 nM RvD2 (n = 7–22, *P < 0.05). b. Western blot analyses of the 5-LOX / β-actin ratio assessing the putative effects of 1 μM LTD4 and 1 μM LTD4 + 300 nM RvD2 on human bronchial homogenates compared with control conditions (n = 6, *P < 0.05). c. Western blot analyses using CysLTR1 and β-actin antibodies. Densities of the immunoreactive bands are expressed as a function of the β-actin-immunoreactive band (n = 6, * P < 0.05).