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Effect of DNase digestion on (upper panel) and (lower panel) template copy numbers measured in male and female single embryos at the morula stage

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posted on 30.12.2011, 23:25 by Cristina Hartshorn, Aleksandra Anshelevich, Lawrence J Wangh

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Taken from "Rapid, single-tube method for quantitative preparation and analysis of RNA and DNA in samples as small as one cell"

BMC Biotechnology 2005;5():2-2.

Published online 13 Jan 2005


Copyright © 2005 Hartshorn et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd.

Male embryos: blue, non-treated; yellow, DNase-treated. Female embryos: red, non-treated; green, DNase-treated. The DNase enzyme displayed full activity under the conditions tested, as shown by the absence of genomic DNA in treated male samples and detailed in the text.


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