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Effect of DGBX on the differentiation of Ths in splenocytes of AA mice.

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posted on 06.07.2017, 17:38 authored by Peiying Deng, Xue Li, Yi Wei, Juan Liu, Meng Chen, Yamei Xu, Bin Dong, Lingqun Zhu, Limin Chai

(A) The percentages of CD4+IFNγ+ Th1 cells. (C) The percentages of CD4+IL-17+ Th17 cells. The results are presented in the bar charts. a. normal group, b. model group, c. group treated with CsA, and d. group treated with DGBX. Data are presented as means ± SD, n = 6. *P<0.05, **P < 0.01.