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EM images of control CAD cells.

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posted on 2021-07-20, 17:35 authored by Aysegul Dilsizoglu Senol, Maura Samarani, Sylvie Syan, Carlos M. Guardia, Takashi Nonaka, Nalan Liv, Patricia Latour-Lambert, Masato Hasegawa, Judith Klumperman, Juan S. Bonifacino, Chiara Zurzolo

(A) Resin-embedded EM images of control CAD cells. Three examples of control lysosomes (indicated by blue squares) selected from different regions (indicated by red squares) of 3 different cells are presented. Scale bar for the cells: 5 μm, for the selected regions: 1 μm, and for lysosomes: 0.2 μm. (B) On-section EM images of control CAD cells immunogold labeled with LAMP110. Two examples of lysosomes were presented in insets selected from regions indicated by red and blue squares. Scale bar: 1 μm (for the insets: 0.2 μm). CAD, Cath.a-differentiated; EM, electron microscopy; LAMP, lysosome-associated membrane protein.