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ELN modulates CD4+ T cells phenotype in SHIV infected macaques.

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posted on 27.06.2016, 03:30 by Géraldine Arrode-Brusés, Diana Goode, Kyle Kleinbeck, Jolanta Wilk, Ines Frank, Siddappa Byrareddy, James Arthos, Brooke Grasperge, James Blanchard, Thomas Zydowsky, Agegnehu Gettie, Elena Martinelli

Isolated cells from indicated tissues at necropsy were stained with LIVE/DEAD Aqua and an antibody combination of anti-: CD4, CD3, α4β7, CD69, CD95, CCR5 and LFA-1 (clone MEM148, which recognizes only the activated form). The frequency of cells expressing the indicated marker within live, singlets, CD3+ CD4+ T cells (within CD95+ for the α4β7high) are shown. Bars represent mean ± SEM. p<0.05 is considered significant (Mann-Whitney).