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EHEC OMVs enter host cells more rapidly and efficiently than E. coli K12 OMVs.

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posted on 29.11.2017, 18:38 by Eloise J. O’Donoghue, Natalie Sirisaengtaksin, Douglas F. Browning, Ewa Bielska, Mohammed Hadis, Francisco Fernandez-Trillo, Luke Alderwick, Sara Jabbari, Anne Marie Krachler

(A) CCF2-AM loaded Hela cells were exposed to OMVs from EHEC (red) or E. coli K12 (blue) carrying ClyA-Bla, at an MOI of 1000 for 3 hours. Ratios of blue:green fluorescence over time were plotted as means ± stdev (n = 3). Maximum rates (B) were determined from data in S2 Fig and absolute FRET signal changes after 3 hrs (C) were determined from data in (A) and plotted to visualize overall efficiency of uptake for EHEC (red) and K12 (blue) OMVs. Data shown are means ± stdev (n = 3). Significance was determined by ANOVA, with a Brown Forsythe test to determine equal variance. (***) p≤0.001, (**) p≤0.01.