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EEG time-frequency analysis.

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posted on 2020-04-23, 17:32 authored by Dounia Mulders, Cyril de Bodt, Nicolas Lejeune, Arthur Courtin, Giulia Liberati, Michel Verleysen, André Mouraux

Amplitude of the STFT of the EEG signals at FCz, averaged across subjects. The first (resp. second) row of bottom insets displays the grand average time courses (resp. the stimulus-evoked EEG components at 0.2 Hz, estimated as the sum of the noise-subtracted STFT amplitudes at Hz), in red and blue for the warm and cool conditions. The temperature peaks in each cycle are indicated with vertical dotted lines. The shaded horizontal bars at the bottom of the figure show, for each of the four conditions, the significant time clusters where the depicted noise-subtracted amplitude at 0.2 Hz is significantly greater than 0 (t-tests against 0).