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EC1-3-myc and non-adhesive EC1-3-myc interact with growth factor receptors.

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posted on 30.11.2017, 19:21 by Ketan Mathavan, Vikram Khedgikar, Vanessa Bartolo, Dominique Alfandari

Western blots of EC1-3-myc (A) and non-adhesive EC1-3-myc (B; naEC1-3-myc) co-immunoprecipitations (coIPs). Receptors were immunoprecipitated using anti-HA or anti-flag antibodies. Both EC1-3 constructs co-IPed with all receptors: HA-tagged EGFR/ErbB1, HA-tagged ErbB3 and flag-tagged ErbB2, ErbB4, PDGFRα and FGFR1. (C) Western blot of EC1-3-myc coIP with cytosolic proteins ARID3a-flag and importinβ1-flag. To test if EC1-3 could interact non-specifically with proteins following extraction we tested Flag-tagged constructs overexpressed in Hek293T cells. EC1-3-myc did not associate with ARID3a-flag, nor importinβ1-flag. ErbB2-flag was used as a positive control. Results are representative of three independent experiments.