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Dysregulated cytokine production with age.

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posted on 13.10.2016, 04:30 by Jennifer L. Uhrlaub, Vesna Pulko, Victor R. DeFilippis, Rebecca Broeckel, Daniel N. Streblow, Gary D. Coleman, Byung S. Park, John F. Lindo, Ivan Vickers, Joshua J. Anzinger, Janko Nikolich-Žugich

Serum was collected from A and O mice and assayed by ELISA for (A) CXCL9 or (B) TGFβ concentration at days 2 or 9 and 30, respectively. Data are mean + SEM (n = 3 naïve and 7–8 infected per age). (C) Human samples from IgM-positive CHIKV patients or age and sex-matched controls were assayed for Free-active TGFβ cytokine by ELISA. Data are mean + SEM (n = 39 each group). Statistical significance was evaluated by unpaired student’s t-test. * P< 0.05; ** P< 0.01; *** P< 0.001.