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Dysregulated cytokine production with age.

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posted on 2016-10-13, 04:30 authored by Jennifer L. Uhrlaub, Vesna Pulko, Victor R. DeFilippis, Rebecca Broeckel, Daniel N. Streblow, Gary D. Coleman, Byung S. Park, John F. Lindo, Ivan Vickers, Joshua J. Anzinger, Janko Nikolich-Žugich

Serum was collected from A and O mice and assayed by ELISA for (A) CXCL9 or (B) TGFβ concentration at days 2 or 9 and 30, respectively. Data are mean + SEM (n = 3 naïve and 7–8 infected per age). (C) Human samples from IgM-positive CHIKV patients or age and sex-matched controls were assayed for Free-active TGFβ cytokine by ELISA. Data are mean + SEM (n = 39 each group). Statistical significance was evaluated by unpaired student’s t-test. * P< 0.05; ** P< 0.01; *** P< 0.001.