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Dynamics of plasma and stool intestinal damage biomarkers during primary HIV-infection (PHI).

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posted on 11.06.2019, 17:30 authored by Lucía Pastor, Jost Langhorst, Dorit Schröder, Aina Casellas, Andreas Ruffer, Jorge Carrillo, Victor Urrea, Sergio Massora, Inacio Mandomando, Julià Blanco, Denise Naniche

Dynamics of plasma biomarkers associated with intestinal damage (A) and dynamics of stool biomarkers associated with innate immunity (B) and intestinal permeability (C) are shown. Relative changes (Z-score) of the biomarker levels during PHI with respect to the HIV-uninfected group have been represented by a transformation of the fitted longitudinal models after subtracting the mean and dividing by the standard deviation of HIV-non infected distribution. Values were logarithmic transformed in the cases where it was required to correct non-normal distributions.