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Downregulation of placental Crry.

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posted on 03.08.2020, 17:26 by Manu Banadakoppa, Kathleen Pennington, Meena Balakrishnan, Chandra Yallampalli

Lentiviral vectors enclosing Crry or non-target shRNA were injected into right uterine horn of pregnant mice (n = 5–7) on 3.5 dpc, shRNA was induced on 10.5 dpc and placental expression of Crry on 17.5 dpc was analyzed. A) Representative Western blot showing downregulation of Crry in CrryshRNA mice. In each group placentas from both left and right uterine horn were used in the blot. B) Density analysis of Crry Western bands showing about 30% reduction in Crry levels in CrryshRNA mice compared to control mice (p<0.021). C) Representative immunofluorescence images showing reduced Crry expression in CrryshRNA mice. D) Semi quantitation of fluorescence intensity revealed significant downregulation (p = 0.04) of Crry in the labyrinthine zone of CrryshRNA mice compared to control mice. E) There was no change in fluorescence intensity in junctional zone between the two groups. F) In CrryshRNA mice downregulation of Crry on placentas from right uterine horn showed trend of increase compared to those from left uterine horn.