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Divorce Effect in a Seasonal Host-Vector model.

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posted on 19.10.2020, 17:32 authored by Brandon Hollingsworth, Kenichi W. Okamoto, Alun L. Lloyd

Control is shown in a seasonal (rs = .02) host-vector model with R0 = 5. Beginning at time zero, a control is implemented that increases the vector mortality rate by 100% (corresponding to a 50% drop in vector life expectancy). This results in a reduction in prevalence (black curve) of the infection to near zero during the control period, where it remains until roughly time 3 yrs, at which point a large post-control outbreak occurs. RCI (red curve) falls towards zero during the control period and while prevalence remains low, but the post-control outbreak is large enough to bring RCI above 1 (peak of approx. 1.49).