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Distribution of tuberin and OGG1 protein in kidney cortex (C), medulla (M) and papilla (P) of wild type and Eker rats

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posted on 31.12.2011, 14:33 by Samy L Habib, Simona Simone, Jeff J Barnes, Hanna E Abboud
A. Immunoblot analysis of tuberin and OGG1 in different kidney regions. Different kidney regions were homogenized and protein extracts were loaded onto 7% SDS-polyacrylamide gels and transfered to PVDF membrane. The membrane was incubated with anti-tuberin or anti-OGG1 followed by different specific HRP-conjugated secondary antibodies. The proteins were visualized by ECL. GAPDH was used as loading control. B. Histograms represent means ± SE (n = 3). Significant difference from wild type rat is indicated by * P < 0.05 and ** P < 0.01.

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Taken from "Tuberin haploinsufficiency is associated with the loss of OGG1 in rat kidney tumors"


Molecular Cancer 2008;7():10-10.

Published online 24 Jan 2008



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