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Distribution of the mean coverage per base in the 8q32 deletion region according to the deletion status.

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posted on 30.04.2018, 17:40 by Quentin B. Vincent, Aziz Belkadi, Cindy Fayard, Estelle Marion, Ambroise Adeye, Marie-Françoise Ardant, Christian R. Johnson, Didier Agossadou, Lazaro Lorenzo, Julien Guergnon, Christine Bole-Feysot, Jeremy Manry, Patrick Nitschké, Ioannis Theodorou, Jean-Laurent Casanova, Laurent Marsollier, Annick Chauty, Laurent Abel, Alexandre Alcaïs

Zoom out of the deletion region (Chr8:12,607,000–12,647,000). Positions in base pair (bp) are given on the x-axis. Y-axis displays the mean coverage per base as estimated through 1kb sliding windows (i.e. value at position X is the mean over X +/- 500 bp; note for X<1kb mean is over X + 1kb). Custom tracks shows the delineated deletion (Chr8:12,609,841–12,647,341—horizontal red bar), and the genes reported from the Vega database as implemented in the Ensembl genome browser (horizontal black lines): AC068587.6 (Ensembl gene ID: ENSG00000283674); AC068587. 2 (ENSG00000244289); AC068587.5 (ENSG00000255253).