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Distribution of the Rice Diversity Panel 1 accessions by subpopulation group for cold tolerance at germination.

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posted on 10.03.2017, 18:29 by Ehsan Shakiba, Jeremy D. Edwards, Farman Jodari, Sara E. Duke, Angela M. Baldo, Pavel Korniliev, Susan R. McCouch, Georgia C. Eizenga

Cold tolerance described as the “Germination Index” was calculated as the ratio of the mean percentage of seeds with coleoptiles >5 mm under cold treatment to the mean percentage of seeds with coleoptiles >5mm under warm treatment. The temperate japonica and tropical japonica accessions were significantly more tolerant than accessions classified as indica and aus, the INDICA subspecies. Based on the Student’s t-test (p<0.05) there were no differences between indica and aus subpopulations.